Packard 8 Sedan series 22- Metallic Green (1949)

The beautiful Packard Sedan can easily accommodate six adults.

Packard 8 Sedan Model 1949 series 22 was manufactured by the Packard Automobile Company in Detroit, Michigan. Its first owner was a Doctor from College Point, New York who drove it sparingly before selling it to Herbie Hulsair in 1958. This gentleman was a car collector and as someone had told him it would one day be a classic, he put it up on blocks after adding about 5000 miles. A chance meeting at a polling station between him and the next owner Lyndon Seaver in 1998, resulted in Mr Seaver purchasing the Packard. At that point it had only 28000 miles on the clock and over the next few years the new owner added only a further 4000 miles until he sold it to a UK importer in 2014. Prior to selling it, Mr Seavers had won numerous awards at car shows with this car and it is featured in Hemmings Classic Car magazine issue #31 April 2007.

The Packard has a straight 8 engine with a column shifted three speed manual gearbox with Selective Silent Synchronization and overdrive. The overdrive is triggered above 22mph via accelerator kick down. For a very heavy metal car, this overdrive achieves today’s legal comfortable cruising speeds. Running on whitewall tyres means that it doesn’t corner like modern cars however they have maintained the Packard’s originality.

Amusing features include the vacuum operated window wipers and the ‘whistling’ fuel tank filling note. The whistle gets louder and louder as the fuel capacity is reached.

Full front bench seats easily accommodating six adult travellers.

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