About Us

Grooms and Vrooms is a business established and managed by Jonathon Hughes whose father Stuart has had a life long passion for motor racing, motor cycle trials, specialist and historic cars.

Stuart’s interest in classic cars was realised over 50 years ago when as a young man he managed to acquire his first E type Jaguar which was used as his honeymoon transport to Italy and then for indulging in his boy hood dream of racing a car on the local racing circuit at Croft.

Stuart introduced Jonathon to motorcycle trials from an early age, this then progressed to Kart racing and the success achieved on track led to opportunities in cars with Jonathon claiming a couple of British championships in the early 90’s.

Having developed and subsequently disposed of a business that Stuart and his family had built up over the years and with the passion and desire burning as strong as ever and now some time available the pair commissioned the build of an E type Jaguar F.H.C to campaign in a Jaguar Heritage championship that was being held to celebrate the E type Jaguars 50 th anniversary. (the car was very similar in appearance to the one on our website)..... race wins were achieved driving with ex BTCC driver John Cleland.

Jonathan now enjoys a successful career racing historic cars, continually supported at racing meetings by his father, Stuart. The car featured in this film was made to celebrate him winning a European FIA championship in 2014 in a Brabham BT6 Formula Junior from 1963 and to celebrate the incredible achievements of Sir Jack Brabham who passed away in the same year.

Over the years the Hughes’ have built up the impressive range of classic and vintage vehicles you see today. They have an unrivalled level of experience in working with the cars and keeping them running perfectly. The team have the rare and specialist skills required to maintain these beautiful machines and each car has been lovingly restored and maintained to the highest standards.